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What lawyer fees are associated with purchasing a new home?

With real estate transactions, most lawyers charge a flat fee for services, but disbursements and taxes are added on top. However, before you go and find the cheapest lawyer you can, you also want to make sure that you hire a lawyer with the knowledge and skills to handle your transaction. Real estate transactions can have all sorts of unexpected issues, and you want to make sure that your lawyer has the ability to deal with these issues. Service is also a big aspect of real estate transactions. You want to ensure that you find a lawyer that you are comfortable dealing with, and one that you are able to speak with regarding concerns or issues.

These are some disbursements that apply to typical real estate transactions:

  1. Land Transfer Tax (calculated based on the purchase price. A rebate may be available for a first-time homebuyer)
  2. Title Search
  3. Search Charges
  4. Electronic Registration Fees
  5. Registering Deed
  6. Registering Mortgage
  7. Execution/Sheriff Certificates
  8. Title Insurance (varies based on purchase price, insurer, and property type)
  9. Office Expenses (includes costs such as postage, copies, faxing, and courier charges)

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