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Business Formations - “Setting up Shop”

There are many ways to set up a corporation. It could be a one-person, unincorporated, sole proprietorships carrying on business locally. It could be a professional partnership. It could be a small provincially- or federally-incorporated corporations with share capital. It could be large incorporated businesses registered and authorized to carry on business across the country or internationally. Whatever form of corporation best suits you, we are there to help. We understand the practical business cost and tax considerations involved and will help you decide what business format is right for you. Working with your accountants, we will help you to select the most tax-efficient structure for your enterprise, taking into consideration both the nature of your business and the personal situations of the participants.

After the business has been established, we can assist with the maintenance of the business and corporate records, registrations and, from year to year, assist with the holding of the required annual shareholders meetings, directors meetings and the preparation of the appropriate resolutions and minutes. As your business evolves, we can recommend and carry out any necessary amendments to your business structure. It is important to understand that the form of a business is not irreversible, and commonly, people make the switch from a sole proprietorship to an incorporated structure after the establishment of the business as one structure may be beneficial at a certain stage of the business life cycle but not all stages. Waterous can also help assist your business with:

  • Incorporation                                       
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Sole Proprietorships
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